Cellar Cooling

Cellar Cooling

At the Quantum Group we are able to offer you a complete supply and installation package as well as Planned Preventative Maintenance contracts and servicing on existing systems.

Our systems are all properly designed and calculated to meet your requirements and not just based on the physical size of your cellar.

We are also an approved installer of the revolutionary GeoBar systems that remove the heat out of your cellar or outer cellars and convert it to heat your hot water and premises. 

Below is an overview of the systems we can provide, please feel free to contact us if you need any more information.

JCC Cellar Cooling Range JCC Cellar Cooling Range

JCC Cellar Cooling Range

The JCC Cellar Coolers provide an extensive range of reliable, energy efficient units designed to maintain temperatures required in beer and wine cellars.

Due to the units being fitted with electronic controllers that operate down to 4 degrees Celsius, the JCC units are also suitable for extending the life of perishable goods such as fruit, flowers and vegetables.


The JCC indoor unit, together with it’s tried and tested condensing unit has produced a winning combination.


Coils are manufactured to 6 fins per inch brewery specification for ease of maintenance. The indoor units are manufactured in powder coated mild steel for ease of cleaning and can be wall or ceiling mounted to maximize space, without the use of additional brackets.


Cooling capacity:

2.45kW – 6.13kW



• Low noise

• Energy efficient

• Small footprint

• Ease of installation

• Accurate temperature control

• Cost effective solution


Beermaster Beermaster


The new R407c Beermaster System is a flexible packaged cooling system, designed to fully incorporate the demands of todays cellar cooling industry.

An extensive range of reliable, energy efficient, service friendly condensing units and evaporators catering for cooling capacities between 3 and 15 kW, with rated ambient temperatures up to 38 degrees Celcius.

Selections are available with cellar temperatures from 4 to 12 degree Celcius, which will meet the increasing range of cooling requirements for pubs, clubs and wine bars. In addition sound levels have been minimised throughout the range of BMO condensing units and BMI evaporators.

Consisting of compact BMO outdoor, weatherproof, housed units aligned with space saving BMI evaporators, the Climate Center Beermaster range is the solution to all cellar cooling applications.

Operating two BMI evaporators will successfully cool cellars with irregular shapes (with one BMO condensing unit.) Temperature is controlled from one evaporator, the other acting as a slave unit.

Beermaster BMO condensing units are designed to minimise sound levels, which together with an acoustic kit option enables a further 6 dB(A) reduction, in noise sensitive locations.

The BMI evaporator compact design incorporates an external rotor fan set, reducing sound, resonance and vibration, therefore minimising sound break out into bar and accommodation areas.


Geo Bar Geo Bar

Geo Bar

Keeping your beer cold could help you keep your energy costs down.

How? Simple, chilling beer and running your cellar cooler produces heat. With normal cellar cooling systems all this heat currently goes to waste in the atmosphere.

Even in small pubs, the heat thrown away like this in just a year can be almost the same as all the heat used to power radiators and provide hot water. In other words, you could be dumping almost as much energy as you’re using. 

Geo Bar’s innovative cooling and heating system recovers and recycles the heat that chilling beer creates and uses it to help provide your pub’s hot water and heating. This can significantly reduce your energy bills, plus it’s a much more environmentally friendly solution.


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